Friday, February 6, 2009

handcrafted shower

This charming bridal shower is from an older Snippet & Ink posting I found. The bride is jewelry designer Laurel Denise, a southern girl transplanted to NY city and her bridesmaids wanted to bring a bit of country to the shower to honer her roots. Everything was handmade by the them and it made the day so lovely and personal.


  1. Okay, I am totally bookmarking this for later! I'm hosting a shower in a few months and all of these ideas are delightful! Are you sick of my comments YET?!? :)

  2. NO!! I just discoverd Google Analytics and found out that I have tons of readers but only a few commentors so I love your notes!

  3. aww! this is great! i just emailed this to another bridesmaid for a shower we're planning for my friend. we were already headed in this direction and this makes for even more great inspiration! thanks!!!