Monday, March 2, 2009


Fantastic new local site called Portland Style Unveiled. Loads of resources, great ideas and a gorgeous blog. One of my favorite features is the eco-chic section with 101 ways to make your wedding more eco-friendly. Here are a few of my faves but check out this link for the whole list.

1. Have your ceremony and reception at the same location.
2. Have your guests reply on your website rather than send in paper reply cards.
3. Give organic chocolate for favors (YUM!).
4. Use a caterer who donates or composts leftover food.
5. Use locally grown flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces.
6. Give tree sapplings for favors (see photo!).
7. Buy wedding shoes that you would wear again.
8. Use food that is in season for your catering (and organic if possible!).
9. Use beeswax candles.
10. Print your invites and programs on recycled paper.

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  1. Thank you for the fabulous mention!! We are HUGE fans of your work as well :)