Monday, March 9, 2009

samantha + donal

Another charming wedding from the gang at Martha Stewart. This was held in England at Cambridge University. Lovely details include the bridesmaids gifts - small Wedgewood teapots and limited edition copies of their favorite books. The bride drew the details on the invites and the ornate old buildings are a beautiful backdrop.

Being married to a Brit I can tell you that English weddings are for the most part much less lavish than many of the weddings you see here in the U.S. A service and a simple but lovely luncheon like this isn't uncommon. Charming and sweet and nobody has to mortgage their house to pay for it. One thing I adore about U.K. weddings is that most female guests wear hats. I love hats - why don't we wear hats here?? Another funny thing is that they don't have "showers" there (the kind with gifts, not the kind with water!) and they think our tradition is an odd concept. Personally I can't imagine letting a friend get married without one!

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