Tuesday, July 14, 2009

raffia making a comeback?

According to the "Weeder's Digest" section of Design Sponge, raffia may be making its way back! It seems like a perfectly charming substitute for ribbon for rustic wedding details. How sweet are the boutonniere's here!?!


  1. Are those pint or quart size blue mason jars? Which work best?

  2. These look like quart size. Either works great - it just depends on how big you want your flower arrangements. It also depends how big your tables are. If you have tables of 8+ you will need either one bigger arrangement in the quart size jar or what about a cluster of smaller jars?? Too fun! These are such cheery, casual arrangements you can't go wrong either way. Also, I have seen the vintage blue glass jars on Etsy and ebay. Good luck!